I was remembering one of my grandfathers one day and wondered: what must his childhood, his teen years, his young adult years, been like? Even though I met and new some of his brothers and sisters, why didn’t they see each other often? They lived close by. 
I started wondering about my own life and my current family…mom, dad…the sisters. What will it be like when I get older…as old as my grandfather did? Will I no longer see them? Will I grow apart from them? Why would I? 
The thought of that saddened me. 
Even though I am now in my late 20s, our family culture, so far, has been to spend holidays together, birthdays together… I have spend only one birthday away from my family. So, to think that in the near future all of that could fade away… broke me a little on the inside. 
But, I’m starting to understand. 
We are different. And, though we love each other and wish to be together always, we sometimes cannot. 
We have different tastes, we make different choices. Like with my siblings, in some things we agree and approve of and some others we disagree and disprove. Could this be part of what drifts us apart?
We begin families of our own. The children come, they grow up and bring their spouses…then grandchildren come after that. A new big family comes along just like previous ones. 
New place to live in, new city maybe. New customs, new traditions…slowly drifting away from what childhood, teen and the young adult years were. 
Did my grandfather miss it. 
It just makes me wonder…when I get there…will I miss them as much as I miss them when I think of it now? Or, am I ready to start a family of my own?